Tu Bishvat holiday celebration

Celebration at the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel, in honor of the Tu B’Shvat holiday

In honor of the Tu B'Shvat holiday, a special event was held, bringing together seniors and evacuees from towns in southern Israel impacted by the war.

The event featured a visually striking Tu B'Shvat table adorned with vibrant green decor and an array of fruits, creating a festive atmosphere and highlight the theme of the holiday. And flowering plants were thoughtfully distributed among the participants.

The highlight of the occasion was an enlightening lecture, delving into the profound significance of the 15th of Shvat - Tu Bishvat and its relevance in contemporary times. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights into the cultural and spiritual aspects of Tu B'Shvat while enjoying the festive setting and camaraderie.

According to jewish law, Tu Bishvat (the 15th of the month of Shvat) is the date for determining the tithing of fruit trees, representing the new year for trees in the Jewish agricultural calendar and is classified as the “New Year for Trees”. 

In Kabbalah, Tu Bishvat holds profound mystical significance. Drawing a connection to the biblical narrative of the first sin involving the fruit tree, the observance takes on a symbolic role. When we partake in the ritual of blessing and consuming fruits while channeling our energy toward positive actions, we engage in a spiritual process of elevating the fruit. This act is seen as a form of rectification or correction, seeking to address the consequences of Adam's misdeed and contributes to a spiritual healing.