Solidarity trip to Israel

Mr. Oliver Stanton, International Co-chairman of Chamah International and generous supporter of Chamah programs, makes a solidarity trip to Israel and visits Chamah's activities on behalf of those in need, in the area near Gaza

The Directors of Chamah in Israel had the great honor of hosting Mr. Stanton for an impactful day as part of his solidarity trip. He accompanied them to the town of Ofakim, where many people were murdered on October 7th trip and others taken hostage. There he visited the soup kitchen which distributes prepared meal trays to people in need. He assisted with the packing of the food boxes and personally delivered them to grateful families. Toys for children were distributed as well. 

Later they went to an area of the town that was infiltrated by the terrorists. He saw buildings scarred by gunshots and memorials honoring those who were murdered. He then visited the homes of survivors' of the October 7 attack, and they recounted their experiences of that terrible day, demonstrating how they endured hours of terror as they held onto the heavy iron door of their safe room to keep the terrorists out, all the while hearing the barbarians rampaging right outside their doors.* With tears in their eyes many offered Mr. Stanton their heartfelt blessings for his support during this critical time.

His visit was truly emotional and unforgettable, and we thank Mr. Stanton for his continued staunch support of the vital programs of Chamah. ■

* Note: Safe rooms in Israel were usually not made with locks on the inside. In the event of an attack, occupants may need to quickly access the safe room and seek shelter without being impeded by a locked door. Having locks on the inside could potentially lead to delays or difficulties in accessing the safe room during moments of urgency. Additionally, the safe rooms were designed to be accessed from within the home or building, rather than from the outside. Therefore, the emphasis was placed on providing a secure space for occupants to seek shelter rather than on securing the room from potential intruders.