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65 Years of Making a Difference

Chamah, an international humanitarian organization, is dedicated to providing food for the elderly and hungry, medical assistance for the ill, and education for the young in Russia, Israel and the United States.

The programs which Chamah has been successfully operating for over sixty years are aimed to upgrade Jewish awareness among Russian Jews and help the elderly and needy.

Featured Programs


Touching the Hearts
There are thousands of people sustaining themselves with paltry and meager pensions which are barely enough for them to buy their daily bread. They go to bed hungry. They are literally crying out in voices that cannot be heard. How can we deny them the assistance and care they so desperately need? Read more »

Childrens Feeding Program - Mofet
Each morning, the teachers and older students are voluntarily preparing  sandwiches and distribute it to the most needy children as per the discretion of the Principal and Head of Social Programs at the School. Read more »

Center for Child Development
Knowledge is power. Through education we empower our Israeli and American youth to combat anti-Israel propaganda and counter the vicious lies of BDS on college campuses. Read more »



More Chamah programs

Chamah supports a wide variety of programs in Russia that feed and provide medical care for thousands of Russian Jews. Read more »

Through the constant threat of terrorism, Chamah is there to provide for thousands of Jews in Israel. Read more »