Food distribution in New York City

Covid restrictions are slowly easing and we're finally starting to see some semblance of a return to normalcy. However, many individuals living close to the poverty line, as well as many large families and elderly are still suffering the effects of all the closures over the past year.

Many have lost their jobs or were laid off for long stretches of time putting them in debt and stretching their already tight budgets. Where before they might have been getting by, now they are positively struggling to put food on the table.

Many middle-class families who had never needed help before the Coronavirus pandemic have also turned to us for help.

Our June food distribution gave out tons of pounds of food. Thousands came to pick up large food boxes which included meat, fruits, vegetables, and other essential grocery items.

A big thank you to all our donors; to our volunteers who came to prepare, pack and help distribute the food packages; and to the Met Council organization and Beis Rivkah school who continue to support our relief efforts during these difficult times!