Attack from Gaza

We received an urgent request for additional funding from our director in Israel:

May 14, 2021 — 3 Sivan 5781

Dear friends,

I am calling out to you from Eretz Yisroel. I know Israel is very close to your heart, but for many it is physically far away. You see the frightening news on TV or hear it on your radio. But I don't have to listen to the news on my radio. At this moment, as I write, I see a rocket is coming towards us—but thank G-d, the iron dome has intercepted it.

The barrage of hundreds of missiles has been going on all day and all night.

In Ofakim, a border town under constant attack, there is a soup kitchen we support, where hundreds of people come for food because they can't afford it, or are unable to cook. Many people are afraid to leave their homes.

It's Friday now. Yesterday we delivered hundreds of food packages to homes, to make sure that they have food on their tables for Shabbat. For Shavuot, we will deliver hundreds more generous food packages which will also include special holiday foods: cheesecakes, chocolates and other delicacies, to bring them some holiday joy.

Please help us help them at this terrifying moment!

May G-d help us and save Israel, and protect our sons and daughters who are fighting to protect us.


Shmuel Levin
Chamah Israel

For eleven days, starting on May 10, 2021, over four thousand rockets were fired from Gaza on Israeli towns and cities. Many people were afraid to step away from their bomb shelter. Throughout, Chamah was there making sure people were not lacking any food and provisions, making deliveries to homebound seniors and families.