Gan Chamah Day Camp

Day camp in Brooklyn, New York

The neighborhood of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, is home to over 100,000 Russian Jews, home to many indigent families and single mothers. The months of summer vacation is a difficult time for low-income working parents.  As much as they worry about their children playing unsupervised outdoors, day camp is a luxury they cannot afford. But it’s a dire necessity to keep impressionable children off the steamy streets where they are at risk of falling prey to bad influences.  

Enter Chamah Day Camp!  The children enjoy a fun-filled summer with nutritious hot lunches, recreational activities, arts and crafts, trips, swimming, and athletics, which greatly enhance the children's physical and emotional well-being and self-worth.

For many, the time spent at Chamah Summer Day Camp is their only exposure to a Jewish experience, and gives them a sense of pride in being part of the Jewish Nation. Chamah considers it a great privilege to enable these children to spend their summer months in a warm and safe environment.