Summer Day Camp

Give an Israeli Child the Gift
of a Summer to Remember

For most Israeli children, summer means ​day​ camp: fun-filled, care-free days​ spent in company of their friends.​

But for many parents from Russia and Ukraine, and other olim immigrants who are struggling to make ends meet, the high cost of day camp is a grave hardship—an unattainable dream.

Enter Gan Chamah

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Chamah ​is a vibrant international organization with thriving centers in Israel, Russia and the US enhancing the lives of tens of thousands members of the Russian-speaking Jewish Community.

​Gan Chamah Day Camp is located on beautifully landscaped grounds o​n​ the Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel​. For each of the past ​eighteen​ years, one hundred and fifty happy children have attended Chamah Day Camp. ​

​This year, we have raised the funds to grant full scholarships to eighty deserving children. Instead of spending the long, hot summer days ​roaming​ the street while their parents are at work, they will spend a fun-filled summer swimming, ​going on exciting​ trips, engaging in sports, doing arts and crafts and enjoying nutritious meals.

​Knowing that their children are in a secure environment gives working parents much needed peace of mind.​Under the watchful eyes of the dedicated staff, the children can thrive physically and emotionally. They learn about their rich Jewish heritage and traditions, many for the very first time.