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Breakfast and Lunch Program

Eitan is an intelligent 10-year-old boy from Jerusalem. He loves reading and doing science “experiments”. You would think that a child like Eitan would always be ready to tackle a new day at school, but you'd be mistaken.

But Eitan is a student at Mofet Elementary School in Ir Ganim, one of Jerusalem’s most impoverished neighborhoods, where almost all children live in crippling poverty. Many come from single parent homes or are raised by a grandparent. Often, breakfast is tap water and a slice of white bread; these kids are talented and energetic, but signs of crushing poverty are clear: worn-out shoes, old clothing and, worst of all, gripping hunger.

Eitan almost always begins his school day hungry. Hungry children cannot concentrate on their studies. We all agree that children like Eitan deserve wholesome and plentiful food so they can grow physically and intellectually.

Chamah funds a school-based breakfast program for the children of Mofet.  A wholesome breakfast is served to students each school day, and the lunch fee is subsidized for those who would otherwise go without. Chamah has served the children over 247,000 nutritious breakfasts, helping children to thrive and to succeed.