Funding Priorities


Emergency support for refugees crossing the Ukrainian-Moldova border

July 24, 2023 - 6 Av, 5783

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, Chamah has been deeply involved in providing emergency support for refugees crossing the border Ukrainian-Moldova border. As the devastation persists and the situation continues to deteriorate, many continue to suffer displacement, joblessness, health crises and worse. One of Chamah’s immediate priorities is its work with volunteers in the Jewish Community of Kishinev, Moldova who are helping refugees cross the border to escape the devastating effects of the war. Chamah is creating a safe haven while also building a new communal home - a Jewish community center to house and support refugee families and children from broken homes.

In order to provide for the essential needs of the continuous stream of refugees, Chamah raised the funds for the purchase of a four-story building in a central location in Moldova. However, essential renovations are needed to transform the building into a true center and haven. A commercial kitchen was installed with cooks hired to provide meals throughout the day. The first two floors will be used for children the children and the upper two floors for housing refugees. To provide for spiritual needs, an important component of this center is a Mikvah that will serve the refugees, and all Jews in Moldova and the region.

Refugee aid in Moldova - $400,000
Building Renovations - $500,000

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