Teens Youth Center

Empowering Young Adults: A Haven for Growth and Connection 

Nestled within the premises of the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel, the Youth Center has been established as a nurturing haven for young adults. The Youth Center is a supportive haven for hundreds of local teens during after-school hours and vacation time, operating an array of social and educational programs.

Amid the transformative years of adolescence, some teens encounter these moments as a turbulent period. Our mission is to offer a nurturing haven—a space they can call their own—complete with programs designed to guide them through this phase of life with resilience. By fostering self-discovery and honing their talents within a positive environment, we empower them to confront life's challenges more effectively. The staff there create a personal relationship with the teens and are there to provide them with guidance and support. Our goal is to help these young individuals realize their true potential and emerge as the best versions of themselves.

Program Emphasis:

1. Social Enrichment: Fostering connections through leisure activities, engaging conversation circles, honing talents in specialized classes, immersive workshops, excursions, inspirational evenings, encounters with artists, and captivating performances.

2. Spiritual Exploration: Engaging discussions delve into the meaning of life, providing an avenue for in-depth conversations, addressing a spectrum of questions, organizing lectures, and facilitating debates.

3. Emotional Well-being: Our space encourages open conversations – from surface-level chats to profound discussions. It serves as a safe haven for authentic self-expression, guided by professionals who provide accompanying support.

4. Academic Support: To aid in their studies, we provide a serene and conducive learning environment. We offer study assistance, access to a library, computers, and technological resources that enhance the learning experience.

5. Volunteering: We instill the value of giving back by nurturing a culture of volunteerism. The Youth Center encourages teens to initiate and participate in community and environmental volunteer activities, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy.

At the Chamah Youth Center our commitment is to create an environment that empowers young adults to navigate their journey to adulthood successfully. Through holistic growth in social, spiritual, emotional, academic, and altruistic dimensions, we aspire to shape these teens into resilient, compassionate, and capable members of society.