Purim costumes

Hundreds of children excitedly receive a costume to use for the Purim holiday

This past Tuesday, hundreds of children excitedly got to choose a costume for themselves to use for the Purim holiday. The costume loans are arranged for families in need. The assortment of costumes encompasses a wide array of accessories, including hats, helmets, wands, wings, and more.

This program is incredibly beneficial for families, especially when the cost of purchasing costumes for multiple children can quickly add up to a significant expense. Volunteers assist the children in choosing their attire and document the selections in a ledger. The joy on the children's faces is palpable as they anticipate wearing their costumes to kindergarten or school parties and on Purim day itself.

For parents, the relief is palpable as they acquire costumes for a nominal fee of just 10 shekels, a fraction of the typical cost. Moreover, the proceeds are reinvested to procure additional costumes for the following year.

The costumes are due for return one week after Purim, ensuring that the generosity continues to benefit families in need year after year. â– 

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