Passover activities

In honor of the Passover holiday Chamah distributed tons of food supplies for families and individuals in need and organized communal Seder celebrations at the Chamah community centers

Large numbers of Ukrainian refugees are arriving in Israel. They come with barely more than the clothes on their backs—mostly elderly or mothers with young children who had to leave their husbands behind—as well as all their possessions—and they need lots of support, both emotional and practical.

The Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel is helping the refugees begin their lives anew in a new land. They are being provided food, stipends for clothing, and basic household items and furniture to help them get settled in their new homes.

Many dozens of refugees were hosted at our Community Center for the duration of the Passover holiday, where they were provided with sleeping accommodations and festive meals, enabling them to celebrate Passover in the proper holiday spirit. And over five hundred elderly and others in need came to our communal Passover Seder, including many refugees for whom it was the very first Seder of their lives.

Generous food packages were distributed to hundreds of families in the community and to many Ukrainian refugees. The food packages contained chicken, fish, wine, grape juice, oil, eggs, vegetables, fruit and Passover Matzah. In addition, Chamah distributed coupons to be used at stores to purchase other essentials, including clothing, shoes and items for children.

In Russia

As the war in Ukraine continues, its ripple effects are being felt by more and more people around the world, including our elderly and impoverished brethren in Moscow.

With their meager pensions, they are barely able to provide themselves with the bare minimum. Essential food prices have gone up 50-200%, and now more than ever, they are depending on Chamah for daily sustenance. Thank G-d, our soup kitchen is fully operational despite the spike in food prices, where we are preparing hundreds and hundreds of fresh nutritious meals every single day. For many it's their only hot, freshly cooked meal of the day. For those who are staying home due to COVID-19 and for the homebound, our five Chamah vans are delivering the life-sustaining daily meals to their doors.

An even more critical development is the recent lack of access to life-saving medication. With the help of our doctors at the Chamah Medical Center, we contacted a drug wholesaler, and were able to avert disaster by procuring the desperately needed medicine through our pharmacy, which provides subsidized medicine to our patients.

In the United States

An online portal for families and individuals in need allowed them to place orders for Passover essentials at deeply discounted prices, easing the financial burden for thousands of people and enabling them to celebrate the holiday joy. Items available included fish and meat and many essential household items.