High-holidays food packages for seniors

Spreading holiday cheer to seniors in need

In the spirit of the High-Holiday month of Tishrei, the Chamah center in Russia embarked on a compassionate mission, delivering approximately five thousand much-needed food packages to seniors in need.

These thoughtfully crafted packages for the elderly not only provided them with essential food items but also enabled them to partake in the joy of the holiday season. By including the traditional holiday items like apples and honey, pomegranates, wine, and other holiday products, we offered them a taste of the festivities that accompanies these special moments. It's our way of ensuring that these seniors were able to experience the warmth and joy of the holidays despite their challenges, bringing smiles and a sense of belonging during this special holiday time.

These packages are in addition to the regular food package deliveries made to thousands of homebound and impoverished seniors on a regular basis throughout the year.