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We cannot stand idly by as we watch the suffering of our brethren escaping Ukraine. It's tearing families apart; they've left their lives behind. As of now, of the nearly 3,000,000 who have fled Ukraine, approximately 350,000 have crossed the border into Moldova, including many thousands of Jewish refugees.

Chamah is working with volunteers in the Jewish community of Kishinev, Moldova, who meet the exhausted and disoriented refugees at the border and transport them to the refugee center they have set up and provide them with food and lodging after their dangerous journey. But they cannot accommodate them long term, for they must make room for the vast influx of new refugees crossing over every day.

Chamah is sponsoring buses to transport the refugees to a safe haven in a Jewish Community that is ready to take responsibility for them, temporarily or permanently. The cost of each bus trip is $8,600, and several buses of 54 refugees go out each day.


Many of the Jewish refugees who wish to make Israel their new home arrive at the Chamah Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel. But they arrive with barely more than the clothing on their backs. Young families with children, lonely old people, they left all their worldly possessions behind.

Chamah needs your help to help them begin their lives anew! 

Clothing for a family of four:
Basic housewares:
Furniture & basic appliances:

We turn to you, dear friend, to help these unfortunate people in their hour of need. Help us sponsor a bus for $8,600—or help us pay for one—or help a new refugee family get started in our Jewish homeland.


Via credit card or PayPal


Additional ways to donate:
• Zelle: chamah212@gmail․com
• Mail your check to Chamah,
420 Lexington Ave, Suite 300,
New York, NY 10170
and note it for: Ukraine Relief Fund

May the Almighty bless you and your entire family with the best of health and great success.

With hope and prayers for peace in Ukraine and in the world.

Hillel Zaltzman
President, Chamah International

Moshiach Chudaitov
Executive Vice President, Chamah International

Binyomin Malachovski
Executive Director, Chamah International

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