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Humanitarian Programs

Distributing 700,000 Hot nutritious meals, fifty thousand food packages and providing other vital services In 36 cities through 1,000 workers and volunteers.

The Chamah Humanitarian Programs offers a broad scope of welfare, medical and social services to tens of thousands of people, many of who are senior citizens.  Their meager monthly pensions are insufficient to provide them with their most basic necessities.  As a result, they live below the poverty level and go from day to day uncertain of their survival. 

With the help of the JDC, Russian Jewish Congress, public foundations and benevolent sponsors Chamah provides relief and support to tens of thousands of beneficiaries through a variety of humanitarian programs.


Soup Kitchen and Meals-on-Wheels

Each year, hundreds of thousands of hot nutritious meals are served from the Chamah Soup Kitchens and delivered through its Meals-on-Wheels Program by volunteers on many routes covering Moscow and Moscow State. A special staff selects the menu, paying careful attention to those recipients who suffer from diabetes and other ailments that have dietary restrictions.

Food Package Delivery Service

Chamah provides home delivery of a large variety of foodstuffs according to the needs of the helpless elderly. In addition, prior to the Jewish holidays, Chamah distributes tens of thousands of gift packages containing a variety of festive delicacies and other “extras”. Matzot, wine and holiday necessities are distributed prior to Passover.

Home Personal Care

Chamah’s workers and volunteers attend to their personal hygiene, deliver and feed them hot meals, clean their apartments, visit them, and even read to them. They are given the type of personal and loving attention that they so seriously lack.   They help these elderly people with rehabilitation after a stroke, heart attack, or any other debilitating medical crisis.


Medical Care For The Homebound

Doctors and nurses pay visits to the home, and free medications are provided. Medical rehabilitative equipment, such as wheelchairs and crutches, is available for loan. Chamah’s workers provide follow-up services regarding the senior’s rehabilitation. A special vehicle, the “Medivac”, is available for the transportation of homebound seniors. 

Home and Appliance Repair

Many of the elderly people live in decrepit conditions.  Chamah is there to make a difference!  Its volunteers provide basic home repair services for thousands of elderly people. They have fixed countless items in need of repair and have even painted the apartments of the elderly.

Services for the Blind

Chamah volunteers make regular visits to the homes of the blind, provide thim with reading material in Braille and deliver hot nutritious meals directly to their homes.

Emergency Assistance

Chamah arranges emergency funding for special needs such as expensive medications, relief after a fire, and when medical equipment must be purchased for children, adults or the elderly. War refugees receive help as well. In addition, Chamah provides winter relief to needy families for the harsh winter by delivering shoes, warm clothing, sweaters, coats and radiators.  Thousands benefit from this program.