Former Soviet Union

Faina and Daniel at the CCCD

Brother and sister Faina Levovski and Daniel Gutjeres were born to same mother but do not share the same father, hence last names are not the same.  Faina's father was found dead from drug abuse. The mother remarried and gave birth to Daniel but this marriage did not work out. The divorce settlement was very difficult with the mother fighting to have custody of the children. She brings up the children alone.  In order to make end meet she works two shifts. Chamah offered to ease her burden by having the children utilize the sleeping facilities during the week at the Chamah Center for Child Development.

Faina and Daniel at the Center for Child Development

Faina and Daniel are darling children, eager to learn and grow however,  due to the tense family background they developed anxiety issues and considerable psychosomatic behaviors.

In addition, Faina developed an acute dermatitis condition with sores throughout her body itching and hurting her very much.  Daniel has significant speech problems.

At the Chamah Center for Child Development, both the psychology and educational departments tailored a unique program for Faina and Daniel including calming massages, psychotherapy, hydrotherapy, and special diet for allergic conditions.