Medical Center


After the breakup of the Soviet Union a diversified social status was born. Although the elderly people spent their entire lives working for the Soviet government, they are now forced to live on meager pensions of only about $100 a month and cannot even afford a doctor’s visit. They must turn to the state run medical offices for help. These offices offer inadequate care and quite often neglect their patients because of the abundance of people they receive daily, and turn away many patients because of their age.  

The First Jewish Medical & Rehabilitation Center is a dream-come-true for low-income residents of Moscow in need of expert medical attention. The new  20,700 sq. ft. six-level facility is located on beautifully landscaped grounds on a half-acre of land, located in the Northern part of Moscow, home to a large Jewish population, and easily accessible via the Moscow subway system.

The Medical Center offers the kind of modern, life-saving medical attention that, until now, was available only to the very wealthy. The Center offers fourteen separate clinics and a physical therapy center, which represents the only access to low-cost, modern health care for thousands of elderly and needy in Moscow.   15 physicians are on staff in various departments, such as cardiology, gastroenterology, stomatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, treating 4, 500 needy patients, many of them children and elderly.