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Vocational School

In response to a great need, Chamah Vocational School for Girls opened its doors in September 2016. The vocational schools is geared to girls from challenging backgrounds or impoverished homes, or those who cannot fit into the school system in their traditional communities. As result, many drop out of school and become part of the growing “at-risk” community of young people.

Enter Chamah Vocational School. Situated on beautifully landscaped grounds of the Chamah Complex in Kiryat Malachi, Israel, the girls are offered full room and board in modern dormitory facilities and are served three nutritious meals a day. With a secure, comfortable living quarters and with the care of caring professionals, the girls not only hear, but they thrive.

The curriculum includes Computer Graphics, Interior Design, Bookkeeping and Accounting and ESL. The school is recognized by the Israeli government, and upon successfully completing the one-year course the graduates will receive a diploma endorsed by the Government of Israel. Chamah is fortunate to team up with local businesses and professionals to provide internship and apprenticeship opportunities helping our students to find gainful employment. Chamah gives their girls the gift of an independent future and hope for living fulfilling, successful lives.