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Food Distribution


Approximately 25,000 residents live in Ofakim, a city in southern Israel. About 40% are immigrants from the FSU and Ethiopia. The city is considered the capital of Israel's unemployment and poverty issues. Approximately 25% of its families are attended to by the welfare agencies. To make matters worse, the town is in direct range of missile attacks being launched by the Arab town of Gaza just 10 kilometers away. Kassam rockets fired into Ofakim are almost routine. 

Pensioners once received government allowances which enabled them to purchase food staples and basic necessities, however due to the severe cutbacks in these allowances, the elderly are forced to live off of a meager pension which barely covers the utility bills.

Chamah helps to feed the elderly and needy by sponsoring soup kitchens and distributing food packages throughout the year, and in particular, before holidays.