A little light dispells much darkness

Israel is on the forefront in technology and medicine; however, when it comes to PR, Israel is sorely lacking. As result, the Israeli economy and social standing in the eyes of the world is being compromised.

It is incumbent upon us to educate American and Israeli youth—the future leaders of our generation—to be the voice of truth and engender a love for Israel and the Jewish Nation.

We Educate

Knowledge is power. Through education we empower our Israeli and American youth to combat anti-Israel propaganda and counter the vicious lies of BDS on college campuses. At Ma’amikim we create "ambassadors" for Israel and the Jewish Nation by giving our youth the tools to respond with confidence and make a lasting impact to achieve our goal.

Ma’amikim is a comprehensive educational curriculum which focuses on topics vital to Israel and its rich Jewish heritage. Over one thousand students on various Israeli campuses participate. Students receive a stipend and are tested upon completion of the course.

We Empower

The Shagrir (Ambassador) Program

The top 100 Israeli graduates are awarded a ten day Mission Trip to the United States, where they round out their education by meeting with Israeli ambassadors and professionals in the PR field. They then meet with their American counterparts, students at various universities and teach what they have been taught at Ma’amikim—to be a voice for Israel and to educate the world about the real Israel.