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Community Campus in Kiryat Malachi

The Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel is a vibrant institution serving thousands of needy families, enhancing the lives of thousands throughout Southern Israel. Situated on the beautifully landscaped Chamah campus of approximately 84,000 sq. feet and run by dozens of volunteers operating hundreds of humanitarian and educational activities. This is the home base of Chamah in Israel, a pillar of shining light for a multitude of Olim Immigrants throughout Israel.

The Chamah Campus and Community Center in Kiryat Malachi is well known for its diversified social and educational programs, aimed at easing the difficult process of absorption among the new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. Chamah is the entry ticket and opportunity window to the Israeli society, and the Jewish heritage.

Read about our latest efforts in assisting our seniors, including many refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Israel. Read more »

Aliya Center for Immigrants

New immigrant families arriving to Israel are in need of immediate assistance. Chamah's volunteers make home visits welcoming the newcomers. Food packages are distributed. Our Aliya counselors provide a variety of services such as possible employment opportunities, school enrollment, housing assistance, banking and community facility awareness. A clothing bank provides hundreds of Olim and needy with clothing, shoes and essentials.

Day Care Center

A top of the line day care for young children, enabling their parents to go to work leaving thier children in a warm, loving environment.

Employment Services

Provides training, help with resume writing, job referrals through contact with government agencies and businesses.

Food Distribution and Soup Kitchen

Thousands of pre-holiday food packages are distributed to the needy. Chamah also sponsors a soup kitchen for the elderly.

Youth Center

Chamah's Youth Center is a crucial program benefiting close to two hundred of youngsters and adolescents from new immigrant families. As a substitute to roaming the streets, these children's lives are expanded and enriched both academically and creatively. Eager to learn and diligent by nature they have an opportunity to advance in their studies due to the tutorial assistance which they receive. Extra curricular quality courses such as woodworking, music, electronics, computers and home economics are offered.

Summer Day Camp

For the past twenty-five years, children from needy families spend the hot summer months at the Chamah Day Camp, swimming, taking trips, enjoying nutritious meals, doing arts and crafts, and playing outdoors in a warm, safe, nurturing environment.


Extensive library in Russian with books and videos on topics of history, religion, culture, the professions.

Banquet Hall for Jewish Life Cyle Events

Chamah offers assistance in organizing Jewish life cycle events be it Brit Mila, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings and Jewish funerals.

Chamah houses a banquet hall with an adjacent kitchen in one of its buildings, which eases the financial difficulty of the new immigrants by renting the banquet hall for free. Recently the banquet hall has undergone major changes. Central air conditioning and an acoustic ceiling were installed, and an elegant decor that includes drapes and lighting fixtures in a copper and creme color scheme was implemented. Hot nutritious meals are served daily.

Senior Citizens Center and WWII Veterans Club

The senior citizen new immigrant population has the most difficult absorption process. Chamah created for them a healthy, warm and happy environment. Here, they can feel like dignified members of society contributing to their own wellbeing that generates harmony in their home life. The Senior Citizens Center has a unique division for the World War II Veterans. They enjoy conventions, celebrations, different lectures various videos and music.

Read about our latest efforts in assisting our seniors, including many refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Israel. Read more »


The Chamah Synagogue hosts weekly Kiddushim and Kaddish services


Classes in Hebrew language, on Israeli topics of interest and Jewish issues.


Olim enjoy excursions to various sites throughout Israel. A Russian speaking tour guide provides insight to enhance the visits.

Publication Center

For the millions of Jews, whose native language is Russian, there is almost nothing to read about Jewish heritage and tradition. In response to this need, Chamah has published a large selection of Russian materials including a 900- recipe cookbook, brochures introducing the Oleh to the Jewish holidays, the weekly portion of Torah, and its monthly magazine, "Alef".

Shabbat Weekend Retreats and Educational Programs

Chamah’s educational projects introduce the new immigrants to our rich heritage. By celebrating Jewish holidays the Oleh gets the feel of the Jewish calendar. Bimonthly weekend retreats are arranged and provide the opportunity to experience a Shabbat. Guests ranging from young singles to three-generation families come from all localities in Israel to experience an inspirational Shabbat at the Chamah campus. Sleeping accommodations and dining facilities are available at our premises as well as lectures and discussions. The Chamah Russian Synagogue awakens their hearts to the phenomenon of prayer and stimulates their soul with Jewish lectures in their native language.