We invite you to explore the heart of our organization's mission and the critical areas where your generous support can make a most profound impact. By aligning our resources with these funding priorities, we aim to create a brighter and more sustainable future for the communities who need it most.

In Russia, Israel, Moldova and the United States Chamah is positively changing the lives of thousands of individuals in need. For the elderly, for children, and for large families; where there is a need Chamah is working tirelessly to extend a helping hand and create a safety net of support and care. We firmly believe in leaving no one behind, and our commitment to serving these vulnerable populations drives us to implement targeted initiatives that address their unique challenges and uplift their lives. Together, we can drive positive change and bring hope to those in need.



New Humanitarian Center in Moldova

Since the beggining of the conflict in Ukraine, Chamah has been deeply involved in emergency support for refugees fleeing the fighting. As the devastation persists and the situation continues to deteriorate, many continue to suffer displacement, joblessness, health crises and worse. One of Chamah’s immediate priorities is its work with volunteers in the Jewish Community of Kishinev, Moldova who are helping refugees cross the border to escape the devastating effects of the war. Chamah is creating a safe haven while also building a new communal home - a Jewish community center to house and support refugee families and children from broken homes. Read more »

Nutritional Support for Needy School Children - Israel

Combating food insecurity by providing nutritious breakfasts and lunches in school and food boxes to take home to children of all backgrounds at the Mofet School in Ihr Ganim, Jerusalem, Israel. Read more »

Chamah Senior Citizens Center in Kiryat Malachi - Israel

The Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi welcomes seniors, some being WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors, into its Senior Citizens Center. The Center provides programming on site and also keeps in touch with the seniors inquiring into and looking out for their wellbeing throughout the week. Read more »

Senior Initiative for Cognitive Healing - Moscow

The Senior Initiative for Cognitive Healing develops and administers comprehensive programs for patients with degenerative diseases of the brain. A rehabilitation course is established with the goal of restorative therapy and inhibiting the progression of the disease including social and communal readjustments, modification of residential premises to meet the needs of the patient and helping family members adjust to the condition of their loved one. This program helps seniors age with dignity and live life to the fullest while also supporting family and community in the care of the elderly. Read more »

The Chamah Center for Child Development - Moscow

The Chamah Center for Child Development (CCCD) employs professional educators and operates rehabilitation programs for almost two hundred children with physical and/or acute mental disabilities. This life-saving program for children with disabilities from needy homes gives them the opportunity to live in a dignified manner and enjoy the companionship of other children. Education, therapy, and counseling enable these children to reach their full potential. Read more »

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