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  Help furnish the Chamah Jewish Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Moscow

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1991, various and diverse socio-economic classes were created – the very rich and the very poor.  It has come to the point that professionals in their 60s and onward – after working their entire lives for the Soviet Government – cannot afford a nutritious meal or professional medical care. Since then, Chamah has established soups kitchens, Meals on Wheels programs, humanitarian activities, and medical services in Moscow and 36 surrounding suburbs.
Chamah has established a Jewish Medical and Rehabilitation Center in Moscow to serve those in need free of charge. We are proud to announce that, thank G-d, the construction of the building has recently been completed, but we are now facing the challenge of furnishing and equipping the center. The completed Medical Center is projected to serve about 6,000 elderly and disadvantaged children, combined.

 Donate now!

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Chamah Jewish Medical & Rehabilitation center in Moscow