Shavuot holiday event in Israel

Attendees, including many new immigrants from Ukraine, learn about this important holiday, celebrating our receiving the Torah on Mt. Sinai more than three thousand years ago

A special celebration in honor of the Shavuot holiday was held at the banquet hall in the Chamah center in Kiryat Malachi, Israel. Attendees included new immigrants from Ukraine and members of the Russian-speaking community. A festive sit-down meal was enjoyed, with everyone making a toast in celebration of receiving the gift of the holy Torah.

Rabbi Nissilevitch enriched the evening with a talk on the customs and insights of Shavuot, helping participants internalize the true meaning of this significant holiday. Local municipality officials also addressed the gathering, offering words of blessing and support.

A heartfelt moment of prayer was dedicated to our fallen soldiers, the safe return of our remaining troops and hostages, and gratitude for those who have been rescued. The evening was filled with joy as a talented keyboardist provided music, and participants danced to traditional songs. Flowers were distributed, adding a special touch to the festive atmosphere.

Shavuot is the holiday when we come together to commemorate the remarkable event that took place over 3300 years ago—our receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. This momentous occasion has shaped our identity as the "People of the Book," and entrusted us with carrying the torch of morality and justice to the whole world.

During Shavuot, we reflect on the significance of this ancient milestone which serves as a reminder of our rich heritage and the timeless wisdom contained within the Torah. These values and teachings have guided our people throughout history, inspiring us to lead lives of purpose, compassion, and righteousness.

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