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Hamas Rockets strike near Chamah center

Today, dozens of Rocket Missiles were fired from Gaza to Kiryat Malachi, Israel, where Chamah headquarters are located. A number of apartment buildings suffered direct hits. Four people were killed and more than a dozen injured, amongst them children, some very seriously.

In this tragic moment, Chamah has mobilized a group of volunteers and together they are relocating people to the big shelter in the Chamah Community Center headquarters and to other safe facilities, providing them with food and other necessary basics until they can safely return to their homes.

Chamah has established a hotline for people to call for special help. Chamah is also transferring families with little children to a safer place, far from these missile attacks, since the children are especially frightened and scared from the attacks.

We are calling upon yourself with an urgent request to send a tax exempt donation to help the victims of the missile attack. Click here to donate now!

You can also send your donation to: Chamah, 27 William St., Suite 613 New York, NY 10005 Please indicate that this donation is for the victims of the missile attack in Israel.