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Passover programs for needy families


As we approach the holiday of Passover, we will conduct our festive Seder meal and proclaim: “Whoever is hungry should come and eat.” Accordingly Chamah will ensure that thousands of Jews in Russia and Israel will join together for the Passover holiday and enjoy a traditional Seder meal.

In Israel, hundreds of people will take part in the Seder at the Chamah Community Center in Kiryat Malachi, and in Jerusalem. Additionally, about 3,000 people will receive holiday packages with Matzah, wine, and other Passover essentials.

In Moscow, more than 2,000 people will take part in our Seders on two nights, in four locations. Chamah will also distribute thousands of holiday packages to needy families in Moscow and 30 surrounding suburb.

Wishing you a joyous and sweet Passover from the entire Chamah family!

Please consider helping us cover the cost of this vital projects that so many families depend on.

Sponsor Matza for Passover Seder - $3.04

Sponsor Vegetables Package for family - $7.25


Any amount will be greatly appreciated!