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Operation Pillar of Defense – Kiryat Malachi Under Fire


28/11/2012 - 14 Kislev 5773

We are still trying to recover from the rocket missile fired from Gaza that landed a direct hit on a building in the neighborhood in Kiryat Malachi  where the Chamah Center is located. Three very special people from our community were cruelly killed, many wounded including children. 

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The entire Jewish people saw the pictures, sharing true empathy. But for us, the people of Kiryat Malachi lived the scenes. Every day reminds us of what happened. The shattered building stares us in the face.

Chamah sends its heartfelt condolences to the families and wish the injured victims a complete and speedy recovery.

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Together we can help the sun shine over Kiryat Malachi, warming our hearts and soothing our souls.

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