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Israel under fire from Hamas


Pledge your support to the Israelis living under daily rocket attack 



Chamah headquarters in Israel, in Kiryat Malachi, is in close proximity to Gaza, and constantly under rocket attacks.

Thank G-d there have been no human casualties, but everyone must constantly run to the shelters, take refuge under stairwells in buildings, or wherever they can. This is just terrifying, especially for the children.

We are delivering groceries, medications, and other vital supplies. For those seeking more safety, we are moving families from the south to communities in the north, where it has been safer. 

More on our situation in Israel: As Hamas targeted Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba, and many other cities in Israel, The Israeli army has embarked on Operation Defensive Edge to stop the terrorists from continuing to fire on Israel.

Just days after our summer camps opened, the IDF required us to close the camps until further notice. Without hesitation, our colleagues promptly organized groups courageous young people to visit the shelters and the homebound.

We have given little consideration to the costs, as in this situation, action is more important than accounting, with the hope that kind people like yourself will open their hearts to help us defray the costs of these emergency activities.