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Event Commemorates the German Invasion of 1941

Remembering the German invasion of Russia in WWII, attendees included those who experienced the invasion first-hand 

On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, a massive invasion of the Soviet Union. This surprise attack marked the beginning of one of the largest and deadliest fronts in World War II. The invasion led to widespread devastation, immense loss of life, and significant suffering for the Soviet people, with millions of soldiers and civilians perishing in battles, atrocities, and sieges over the subsequent four years.

Each year on June 22, we observe this solemn occasion as the Day of Memory and Sorrow, dedicated to honoring and remembering the countless souls who perished in battle, endured unspeakable torture in Nazi captivity and concentration camps, or succumbed to the relentless hunger and hardships of war.

In observance of this solemn day, Chamah organized a heartfelt commemorative event. Some of our beneficiaries, who personally experienced and remember June 22, 1941, attended. Their children and grandchildren also came, creating a bridge between generations in this shared act of remembrance.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Yulia Rachinsky-Spivakov, the Deputy Head of the Diplomatic Mission of the Israeli Embassy in Russia, and Yoni Leifer, General Director of the JDC, along with other prominent officials from other humanitarian organizations. In a moving tribute, six candles were lit to honor the six million Jews who were murdered. Speakers underscored the vital importance of preserving the historical truth, emphasizing that remembering the past is essential for safeguarding the future and fostering a world built on peace and understanding.  ■

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