Shavuot gifts

Holiday gifts for families of soldiers in the Isreal Defence Forces

In honor of the Shavuot holiday in which it is customary to eat dairy foods, Chamah in Israel gave out beautiful and delicious gifts to families of IDF soldiers and reservists as a token of our appreciation to them for their selflessness in defending our people and our land. 

Eating dairy on Shavuot is a tradition with several explanations. One reason is that the Israelites, after receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, had just learned the kosher laws. As a result, they ate dairy since their meat utensils were not yet kosher. 

Another reason is that the Hebrew word for milk, "chalav," has a numerical value of 40, representing the 40 days Moses spent on Mount Sinai receiving the Torah. This custom highlights the purity and richness of the Torah.

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