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Campers at Gan Israel Chamah day camp in brooklyn having fun

At Gan Israel Chamah of Greater Brighton Beach there were tears in children's eyes. One staff member thinks that's a good thing.

This summer marked the 13th successful year of camp Gan Israel Chamah which serves the Jews of the Greater Brighton Beach area and beyond.

The 80 plus campers who enjoy the 7 week camp, range from local Shluchim's children, traditional Jewish families to many non observant public school children and from Russian speaking families.

"All have a good time and grow in their Yiddishkeit at their respective levels," said Rabbi Efraim Zaltzman, who runs the camp each year with his wife Chanie.

"Campers return year after year because we offer an array of exciting activities, fun trips, delicious hot lunches, and most important, a great and dedicated staff who create the amazing, warm and exciting environment that is unique to our camp," Rabbi Zaltzman said.

The camp is sponsored by Chamah, a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing food, medical assistance and education for the young in Russia, Israel and the United States.

Program Director of the camp this year was Mrs. Gillie Shanowitz. Rabbi Mendy Hershkop was Head Counselor of the Boys

Division and Mrs. Shiffi Dubrowsky was Head Counselor of the Girls division.

At the last day of camp, the staff posed some questions to the campers, and received very sweet answers.

If Hashem would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Sarale: "Moshiach."

I like being Jewish because I get to...
Elliot: "Give Tzedakah."
Freddy: "Wear a kippa."
Michoel Yosef: "Do mitzvos."

What is your favorite mitzvah?
Lenoy: "Light Shabbos candles because I love shabbbos."

One staff members remarked, "When I was a child and went to overnight camp, I remember the tears at the buses the last day of camp. But when I saw the tears at the last day of our day camp, I knew we deeply inspired these children and it will last a life time."