At the Ukraine border

As the war in Ukraine drags on, a constant stream of refugees continues to arrive in neighboring Moldova, in the capital city, Kishinev.

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Here, just one hour from the border, Chamah has set up reception facilities at the Sky Land Camping & Resort Complex to serve many arriving families who have just endured an arduous, often dangerous journey.

Chamah provides these families with accommodations and three meals each day, prepared in the newly installed commercial Kosher kitchen created just for the purpose of feeding the large number of refugees.

Arriving families can spend time here recuperating and recovering from the emotional stress of leaving behind family and friends, and virtually everything they possessed.

Advanced medical and dental care is available, as well an ambulance funded by Chamah that is ready to transport patients to a nearby medical facility.

But it is not just sustenance that these families need. Most have been forced to leave everything behind and they now need to plan for the rest of their lives. Some choose to travel to other destinations in Europe and we provide buses to transport them to cities where they have the possibility of staying for a longer term. Others choose to make Aliyah to Israel on flights organized by Chamah. And for any refugees needing urgent medical care, special additional flights to Israel are also arranged.

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