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Annual National Russian Shabbaton

National Russian Shabbaton VI

February 2015

For the 6th consecutive year, Chamah International and Lubavitch Youth Organization organized the National Russian Shabbaton for over 1,000 participants from the Russian American Jewish community in Stamford, Connecticut at the newly renovated luxurious Crowne Plaza Stamford on February 20th-22nd.



Even though many of the guests didn’t know what the term "Shabbaton" means, after this weekend, they will cherish their memories of the magnificent Shabbos festivities and the educational, cultural and religious programs, which gave a unique opportunity for people to immerse in the wide sea of interesting and useful information about Jewish traditions, education and upbringing.



The Shabbaton guests were presented with over 70 lectures and workshops covering a broad variety of topics. They had a chance to enjoy excellent concerts, entertaining programs, meet community leaders and Shluchim, talk to them and exchange opinions. Moreover, there was a special program for young singles, allowing them the opportunity to meet their significant other.

Many weddings came about as a result of the singles program at the Shabbaton, and it was beautiful to see how a young couple – who had met as singles at the first Shabbaton six years ago – came with their child to the 6th Shabbaton this year.

No surprise that many have already asked: "When is the next Shabbaton?"


We are most grateful to all the people who made this Shabbaton happen; the Program Director of LYO Rabbi Kasriel Kastel; LYO Board member Rabbi Chaim Meir Liberman, the long serving Executive Officers of Chamah – Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, Rabbi Moshiach Chudaitov, Rabbi Binyamin Malachovski; Shabbaton Director, Rabbi Benzion Laskin; head of registration, Elana Litkowski; and Chamah staff members, Levi Levin, Chanie Spitezki and Berri Spitezki. We thank them all for this remarkable and diverse program, for the wonderful atmosphere, which created a unique opportunity for all of us to experience the special feeling of unity in one big Jewish Mishpocha!