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Weekend Retreats Intensify

The Weekend Retreat Program has intensified as the sleeping units at the Chamah Center have been renovated comfortably accommodating close to 100 people. The upgrades include new bathroom tiling and accessories, air-conditioning, kitchenette, furniture and linens. The recent group from the southern towns in Israel such as Be'er Sheba, Sderot, Ofakim and other neighborhoods in close proximity to the Gaza strip thoroughly enjoyed the Weekend Retreat held at the Chamah Campus in Kiryat Malachi. The crowd was comprised of new and veteran immigrants in which the latter will "adopt" the new immigrants easing their absorption.


The State of Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish People. The principle of the "Law of Return" is to bring Jews from all over the world to Israel to reunite as one People. However the 2,000 years of Diaspora has created a large gap between Jews living throughout the world.

The Weekend Retreats we conduct at the Chamah Community Center, contributes a great deal to the unity of our People. We are eye- witnesses that people from different walks of life, when being together even if it is just for one weekend, unexpectedly find themselves more open to other ideas and opinions.
It cultivates an atmosphere conducive to learning about our Jewish heritage and traditions.

This past weekend doctors and their families were hosted at Chamah for an annual doctor's convention.