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9th of May, Victory Day Celebration at Chamah Moscow


Although the weather was rainy and cool temperatures, several hundred Veterans and their families attended the 9th of May, Victory Day Celebration arranged by and held at Chamah Moscow. This day marks Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union in 1945.

Many prominent figures greeted the audience including; Mr. Navitzki - Deputy of DUMA, General Major Gregory Kroshner, Natalya Ulyanova - Member of Limited Advisory Board to President of Russia, Chief Rabbi A. Shayevitz, Mr. A. Nadan - Director of JDC in Russia and Dr. Greta Elinson, President of Chamah, Moscow.


The ceremony began with a moment of silence commemorating fallen victims to which afterwards the orchestra's performed national and traditional songs and children sang their repertoire. Proudly adorning their medals, Veterans sang along wistfully. Also lending to the nostalgic atmosphere was the army field kitchen that was brought in for this particular day. Guests enjoyed a festive meal and special gifts were given out. IFCJ graciously helped in sponsoring this event.