Binyomin Malachovski
Executive Director

Chamah is a humanitarian and educational organization founded in Russia during the dark days of Stalin’s reign of terror with the mission of saving the lives of their suffering countrymen. A small group of young activists distributed food to ward off starvation, and coal for heat and cooking during the long harsh Soviet winters. The founders of Chamah finally succeeded in leaving the Soviet Union in 1971, and established Chamah’s new headquarters on American soil, where they continued to direct the activities in Russia, as well as opening additional new centers in Israel and the United States.

As the great Russian exodus happened in the early 1990’s, with hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews emigrating to Israel and the united states, Chamah was there helping them to get acclimated to the new language and culture, and supplying humanitarian aid.

And for the many elderly who remained in Russia, many of them Holocuast survivors, Chamah has been working hard so that they are not forgotten: A day care center for the elderly, food package delivery for the homebound, a medical center, medical devices and supplies delivery. These services ensure that these seniors continue to have the vital services they need.

Going forward, the mission of Chamah remains the same: to sustain the most vulnerable members of society by providing nutritious food and medical aid to the needy of all ages, as well as educating the young, enabling children from underprivileged homes to grow and to thrive.

Rabbi Malachovski has dedicated his life to implementing the mission of Chamah and has established close ties with various foundations to ensure that the important humanitarian and educational work of Chamah continues.