In the early 1950s, during the darkest days of Communist Russia under Stalin's rule, Jews faced grave danger as the Soviet government devised discriminatory policies and orchestrated persecutions targeting them.

Amidst this grave peril, a group of courageous young men rallied together, refusing to let the flame of Judaism be extinguished and unwilling to stand idly by while their friends and family and community endured much hardship. They organized a clandestine group - Chamah - dedicated to bolstering Jewish identity and offering assistance to their fellow brethren, both physically and spiritually.

Today, Chamah is recognized as a major leading international Jewish organization. With the support of our friends and supporters, Chamah is improving the lives of 15,000 people throughout the year, conducting a broad range of humanitarian, social and educational programs in Israel, Russia, and the United States.

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Chamah: Making a Difference

Among our programs we have a soup kitchen serving hot meals daily, a daycare center for children so parents can go to work, a medical center providing high quality care for those unable to afford it, and meals-on-wheels for the homebound elderly, as well as the Chamah Center for Child Development providing therapy and other services for children with special needs.


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