About Chamah

CHAMAH was born over sixty years ago in the darkest days of Communist Russia, when merely being a Jew put one’s life in jeopardy. 

A small group of courageous young men refused to let the flame of Judaism be extinguished; at peril to their lives, these young activists organized a clandestine group with the aim of strengthening Jewish identity and helping their brethren both physically and spiritually.

Today, Chamah is recognized as a major leading international Jewish organization. With great effort and endless hard work, CHAMAH is changing the lives of over 20,000 needy throughout the year, conducting a broad range of humanitarian, social and educational programs in Israel, Russia, and the United States.

The broad scope of  activities by Chamah in the United States, Israel and Russia include soup kitchens, "Meals on Wheels" programs, home care for the elderly, senior citizen centers, community centers, institutions for underprivileged children, distribution of food staples for the hungry and needy population from all walks of life, day care centers, youth clubs, seminars, weekend retreats, Judaic classes for adults, Judaic classic publications in the Russian language and "Alef" the only Jewish weekly magazine in the Russian language read worldwide.

Chamah is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) registered organization with bases in New York, Moscow and Israel. Founded in 1953 in the FSU, its goals have been, and still are, to promote Jewish awareness and help the needy.

All contributions including stocks and bonds are tax-deductible. Dedication opportunities are available. To perpetuate your good deeds, please consider Chamah in your will or bequest. For more information please contact us.

*We are tax-exempt in the United States, Israel, Canada and Great Britain.