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Where Being Jewish Is Fun!



The months of July and August mean summer vacation for children - a difficult time for many new immigrant parents, who are mostly employed at low-paying jobs, earning minimum wages, which are barely enough to cover basic living expenses such as food, shelter and clothing. Summer camp is, of course, considered a luxury.


Unfortunately, terrorism has become a tangible fear for the people in Israel, and horrific tragedies a common occurrence. It is psychologically vital for the innocent children of a land whose citizens are constantly threatened by terrorism to get away from their daily routine and enjoy a recreational summer. 


Chamah initiated summer camps for children of new immigrants and needy native Israelis. Many of the children have been affected in some way by the devastating terror attacks. It is emotionally comforting for parents to know that their children are enjoying camp activities in a warm and protected environment. 


Along with the educational benefits, the summer program offers exciting recreational activities, such as trips to the zoo and amusement parks, arts and crafts, swimming and athletics, which are beneficial to the children's health and well-being. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to easily integrate into Israeli society and gain first-hand experience of our Jewish customs and traditions. 



United States

The rate of assimilation of American Jewry is dangerously high. This causes much concern, especially with regard to the weakened Jewish identity of immigrant Jewish children in public schools. To help combat this situation, Chamah runs special summer camps to introduce these youngsters to their Jewish heritage and traditions and to instill within them a greater sense of Jewish awareness.  


The Camp Gan Chamah curriculum includes activities in sports, competitive games, swimming and baking, along with classes in Jewish history, culture and tradition. Educational visits to New York museums and trips to amusement parks introduce the children to contemporary American society.  


The campers enjoy arts and crafts, creating dozens of remarkable and impressive articles for display. Parents are happy that Camp Gan Chamah is both an educational and recreational experience for their children, who eagerly await returning to camp the following year for a fun-filled and exciting summer. 




Before the break up of the Soviet Union, the state-run communist educational system organized summer camps in the country for the nation's children. The Iron Curtain has fallen, the Soviet Union is history, and Russia has become a new democracy. Yet, even these positive developments carry a heavy price. The Russian economy finds itself literally on the verge of bankruptcy - the coffers are virtually empty.  


With the restoration and rebirth of religious freedom in Russia, Jewish parents feel the need to do everything possible to ensure a healthy Jewish atmosphere for their children - even during their summer vacation. It is their heartfelt desire to send their children to Jewish day camps, but they simply cannot afford it. 


The Gan Chamah Day Camp, set in a lush green area of Moscow, gives campers the opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage while enjoying various recreational activities, such as sports, trips, arts and crafts and swimming. Dedicated and trained counselors instill in the children a true feeling for their roots, greater pride in their history and a growing desire to live their lives in accordance with Jewish traditions and values.



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