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Gan Chamah


In addition to the "After School Programs " run by Chamah in the various boroughs of New York throughout the school year, Chamah launched its first summer camp for the Jewish children from the former Soviet Union in the summer of '99.

The summer camp runs for five weeks. Both the reputable work of Chamah among the Russian Jews and the ideal location of the camp (situated in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, heavily populated by Russian Jews) greatly contribute to the success Chamah attains with this summer project. Considering the highly assimilated environment of Brighton Beach, with Jewish youngsters attending public schools, this Jewish summer camp is an enormous success.

The curriculum includes sport activities, swimming, and classes in Jewish history, culture and tradition. The "Gan Chamah" children also excel in arts and crafts. Both the parents and the children themselves agree that a summer in Gan Chamah is the most positive and joyous experience.